Emo-Gee Mug

Emo-Gee Mug

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Sometimes mornings are just a little poop-y on their own. The Emo-Gee Mug - Poop brings that feeling of a Monday morning (or any bad day) to your coffee mug with the iconic poop emoji form.

This poop-shaped Emo-Gee Much - Poop adds a lid to the class mug form to hold in your favorite brew. The poop emoji is instantly recognizable. This 6" tall mug is ready for gift giving (and smiles) with its own gift box. Bring it to a white elephant or Bad Santa gift exchange and listen to the conversations start.

Emo-Gee Mug - Poop Features:

Material: Ceramic
Packaging: Gift Box
Size: 6”L x 4.5"W x 5"H